I am pursuing law from Amity Law School, Noida and I’m currently in 2nd year. I interned with Legal Youth Council for a month from June to July. They focus on imparting legal knowledge through interactive social media platforms. I was in the content department and my work was to collect the legal news. We had a whole team for getting content and this really helped me as I stayed in touch with all the legal happenings in the country. It’s important for a law student to keep an eye on legal occurrences. Legal Youth Council kept on organizing various competitions such as quizzes and article writing, and all of them went very successfully. During my internship period, there was also a webinar on Police brutality by Advocate Jayant Bhatt, it was very informative and helpful. Legal Youth Council is an emerging organization and they helped me make the most out of this lockdown. This was my first internship and I learnt a great deal of things during the internship. Everyone is very friendly to approach and they cleared all the doubts I had regarding the work. Overall, it was a really good experience interning with Legal Youth Council and I’ll recommend emerging law students to intern with them to gather experience and knowledge.