It gives me immense pleasure to thank Legal Youth Council for theircordial cooperation and encouragement which has contributed directlyor indirectly in preparing this report. The internship opportunity I hadwith Legal Youth Council was a great chance for learning andprofessional development. I was appointed to provide legal facts,legal questions for quizzes and come up with new and creative ideasfor the Instagram handle. I am also grateful for the wonderful peopleand professionals who led me through this internship period. I havecontributed my part to the organization and have learnt a lot of newthings. Although it was a work from home internship, I learnt just asmuch I could’ve learnt in a work place. This was my first time as acontent writer and I hope my contribution has done well for theorganization. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all theemployees of LYC who helped me during my work tenure and mademy experience an unforgettable one. This organization helped me togain more practical knowledge which made my internship journeymore fruitful and my experience was crucial in my development inapproaching different people and groups. I perceive this opportunityas a big milestone in my career development. I will strive to usegained skills and knowledge in the best possible way, and I willcontinue to work on their improvements. Hope to continuecooperation with Legal Youth Council in the future.